Students pose wearing glow sticks at the dance.
Students pose wearing glow sticks at the dance.
Students pose with silly Christmas socks.
Students pet animal during LEAF Day
Faculty members pose after the game in the gym.


news_Falcon Accessories:new.jpgFALCON GEAR
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Post date: Sep 14, 2018

news_HumphriesTaylor_0.jpgAbingdon Falcon Teacher Appreciation
Abingdon High School senior TJ Taylor selected Mrs. Amy Humphreys from E. B. Stanley Middle as his most impactful teacher. Mrs. Humphreys has been teaching for nineteen years, with the past sixteen years at EBSMS where she currently teaches math.  According to TJ, "Mrs. Humphreys is the type of teacher who believes in all her students. It is because of Mrs. Humphreys that I fell in love with math and ultimately figured out what I want to do with my life." The AHS football team honored Mrs. Humphreys by allowing her to wear a team jersey for the day. Congratulations to Mrs. Humphreys.


Post date: Aug 31, 2018

news_DSC_0009.jpgThe Strength Team Shares Anti-Bullying Message
Students at E. B. Stanley Middle School gathered in the school's gymnasium to witness amazing feats of strength from former professional athletes. The assembly also included a short motivational message to students on how important it is to be kind to one another and make the right choices. To grab the audience's attention, a Strength Team member snapped a wooden baseball bat in two pieces, bent a steel bar in half and folded a frying pan into a burrito!   Lifting two middle school students up in the air while holding on to each end of a steel bar was an awesome demonstration of strength. The Strength Team travels the country sharing positive messages about making the right choices and how important it is to take a stand against bullying. 



Post date: Aug 27, 2018

news_ritterbusch.jpgGuest Speaker Visits World Language & World Geography Classes
E. B. Stanley Middle School welcomed Lin Yu Han, an exchange student from Taiwan, who spent this past summer with ESL teacher Julia Ritterbusch.  Lin Yu visited world language exploratory and world geography classes throughout the afternoon sharing informaton about the rich culture of Taiwan.  She discussed how Taiwanians speak many different languages -- Mandarin, Taiwanese, Aboriginal and English.  Additionally, she taught students how to write hello, Ni Hao, in Mandarin (characters). Students participated in question and answer sessions at the end of each class. Following her presentations, Lin Yu and Mrs. Ritterbusch proudly posed with the flag of Taiwan.  



Post date: Aug 12, 2018
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