Return To School Plan - July 13, 2020

E. B. Stanley Middle School is working on our student schedules for the upcoming school year.  As described by Superintendent Dr. Ratliff in his letter last week, students will attend school under a Hybrid plan.  Half of the students will attend on Monday and Tuesday - Cohort A - and half of the students will attend on Thursday and Friday - Cohort B.  When not in attendance, students will participate virtually.


Cohort A will consist of students with the last names “A” through “K” and Cohort B will be students with the last names “L” through “Z”.  Every effort has been made to keep siblings together throughout the Abingdon based schools.  This may have caused adjustments to the assigned cohorts.  Any affected by these changes will be notified by administrators.


The Hybrid plan includes four days of instruction; two in person and two virtually.  While at school, students will follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing which will include staying six feet apart, eating in their classrooms, rotating classes as a group as much as possible, staggered transitions, scheduled restroom breaks, bus duty in the classrooms, etc.  PE and recess will occur following the guidelines.  Students will be encouraged to wear masks when six feet social distancing is not possible (such as transitioning between classes and in restrooms).


Students do have the option of 100% Virtual Instruction.  This option includes four days of instruction.  Students who choose to be 100% Virtual must commit to distance learning for the minimum of a nine week grading period.  Parents are asked to complete an online form ( indicating their student’s participation in Virtual Learning.  This form is linked on our EBSMS website under Latest News.  Students who do not submit this form will be scheduled under the Hybrid Plan.


Unlike this past Spring, new instruction will occur.  Student assignments will be graded.  Additionally, attendance and participation is required.  


We plan to mail home students schedules on Wednesday, July 22nd.


Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.


Thank you.