8th Grade Football Update - July 14

July 14 email
Due to today's circumstances and the issues we are challenged with. E B Stanley Middle School football summer conditioning will be cancelled. VHSL has released three models which they will decide on as how our season may be.
1 - No Football
2 - Switch Fall and Spring sports
3 - Condensed Season between (Dec - June )
So therefore E B Stanley Middle School Football summer conditioning is cancelled. We will however begin our football conditioning/practices two weeks into the school year. As of now school is set to return on August 10, 2020, and that means our conditioning/practices will start back up on August 24, 2020. 
I highly recommend that all students/athletes get their physicals so that we can continue with progress. Our goals have not changed, continue on conditioning yourselves and practicing with safety standards in place. We all want model 3 so stay safe.
Coach Rocky Vinson