Frequently Asked Questions

100 % Virtual

We hope the following information will be of assistance as we go virtual.


100% Virtual - What does that mean?

All classes will be taught online for the first six weeks of school, starting August 24th.  

Will students need to be online every day?

Yes.  Students need to check their class pages each day and complete their daily assignments.  If a student cannot be in attendance/online, please contact the student’s teachers to let them know.

Will students need to be online at a specific time?

No.  Teachers are providing instruction through videos and various presentations.   Occasionally, teachers will have a live class which will be announced in advance. 

What is the SSO Portal? (Single Sign On Portal; also called Student Portal)

When a student logs in to his/her email account, this is the first page.  It contains apps that we use including Gmail (WCS email account), Google Classroom, Schoology, and more.

How can my student get help with a question or assignment?

Students should contact their teachers through email or their class page (Google Classroom or Schoology) if they have any questions.  Additionally, we are hosting Zoom Support Meetings each week that students can join.

What are the Zoom Support Meetings?  

Teachers will provide extra support through weekly live Zoom meetings.  Students are not required to participate in these meetings.  The goal of these live meetings is to provide students with an opportunity to ask questions about their assignments to get help from their teachers.

These live Zoom meetings will be held on the following days focusing on different subjects:  

  • Mondays are for English
  • Tuesdays are for Math
  • Thursdays are for Science and Social Studies (History, Civics, and World Geography)
  • Fridays are for Exploratory Classes (9:00 a.m.)

Meeting times are:

  • 6th Grade - 9:00 a.m.
  • 7th Grade - 11:00 a.m.
  • 8th Grade - 1:00 p.m.

Teachers will share the Zoom link on their classroom pages and/or email these links to students.  Students are not required to participate in the live Zoom but can use the Zoom meeting to ask questions and get extra help.

How do students access PowerSchool Public Portal?

All students can access PowerSchool Public Portal.  In the past, students’ usernames began with a hashtag (#), this has been changed.  All student usernames will now have a dash (-) at the beginning.  The passwords were not changed. 




Hybrid Plan

We hope the following information will be of assistance as we prepare to return to school.

When does Hybrid Instruction begin?  

This is a School Board Decision. We will announce the date when it is announced.

When do I come to school?


That depends on….


A Group (Last Name begins with A through K) will attend on Mondays and Tuesdays. B Group will be virtual on Mondays and Tuesdays


B Group (Last Name begins with L through Z) will attend on Thursdays and Fridays. A Group will be virtual on Thursdays and Fridays.


Virtual Students will have assignments on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Can students continue virtually?


Students who wish to continue their lessons virtually may do so. We ask that students who wish to participate virtually commit to at least a nine week grading period.

Will students be required to wear a mask to school?



  • On the bus
  • In the hallways
  • At all times when 6 feet social distancing cannot be maintained
  • *Teachers who are high risk may ask students to wear a mask during class.

One cloth mask will be provided by the school.  Additionally disposable masks will be made available as needed.


What are some of the things the school is doing to adhere to Social Distancing guidelines?


  • Students will be scheduled in a class and stay with that group of students throughout the day.  The only students who will have a different exploratory class will be those who requested band and chorus. Some students may not get their first choice of Exploratory classes.
  • Students will eat breakfast and lunch in their classrooms.  
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available at each entrance.  Students will have access to hand sanitizer in their classrooms as well as the opportunity to wash their hands.  
  • Classrooms will be cleaned after each class exits and before the next class enters.  Intense cleaning will occur at night and on Wednesday when students are not in the building.  The buses will be cleaned after each group of students are unloaded.
  • Students will wear masks on the bus and as they transition through the hallways. 
  • All transition times will be staggered to reduce the number of students in the hallway.
  • Restroom breaks will be scheduled.  Students who need to use the restroom at other times will sign out on a sheet in their classroom and back in when they return.


What are the expectations for those riding the bus?


    All students will be 

  • Required to wear a mask
  • Sit in an assigned seat with siblings

Students will not be allowed to bring in bus notes to be dropped off with their friends or at locations that are not their home or the location of their caregiver.  Buses are limited in the number of students that can ride at one time.


Temporarily, there will not be a bus to take students from EBSMS to AHS in the afternoon for sports or band practice.

Will attendance be taken?


When students are in the classroom, attendance will be taken.  If a child is absent on a day, he/she should be in school, parents are asked to call the school.  

In the virtual classroom, teachers will use a variety of methods to verify “attendance”.  Students may be asked to complete an assignment, participate in an activity, engage in an online discussion, participate in a live Zoom, etc. 

Students without internet access will be asked to submit their work when they have access.  Students will need to discuss their access issues with their teachers to make arrangements for completing assignments and for attendance.

Due to COVID 19 and the various schedules on which we will operate this year, EBSMS will not provide awards for attendance (perfect or excellent) at the end of the year.

What is the cost of breakfast and lunch?

All meals are free!

This year every student in Washington County Schools will receive free breakfast and lunch.  Additionally on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, students will receive extra meals to take home for the days they are not in attendance.  Arrangements will be made for 100% virtual students to pick up meals too.


Will students have PE & Recess?


Students will have a scheduled gym period in 6th and 7th grades.  Additionally, students will have recess.  During all activities, students will need to follow social distancing guidelines.


Will visitors be allowed in the school?


Anyone who comes to school to pick up or drop off a student, materials, etc. will not be allowed in the building.  Please ring the doorbell and we will help with your request.