Speak Up! Survey

Washington County Schools are participating in a National and State Level Research Project as outlined in the State Superintendent's email on January 18th to provide input in the use, purchase, and policies surrounding digital learning, instructional technology, and virtual learning.  The project is called "Speak UP" and to participate, we are asking all Middle and High School Students, teachers, administrators, and parents to complete a short survey.  
By participating, we are having our voices heard in the development of plans and policies that could potentially govern our use/integration of digital learning platforms, devices, and programs within our schools.  This data may also serve as a determining factor for funding streams for digital resources in the future.
Deadline for completing the survey is February 17th.  
To "Speak Up" simply visit THIS SITE to take a 25 question survey or visit the WCPS homepage for a button that links to the survey.  It takes just 20 minutes to add your voice.