Junior Washington County Community Scholars

JWCCS is a program sponsored by Washington County Public Schools whose goal is to produce highly qualified students who value the importance of citizenship and service to community. Service is a core component of the JWCCS program.  Eight hours of documented community service are required. A minimum of a B average will be required for JWCCS recognition.  (This grade average requirement is subject to annual review.) School attendance must be 95% or above in order to be recognized as a JWCCS or in other words, students may not miss more than 9 days, including excused absences.  A student with three disciplinary office referrals or any out-of-school suspension will not receive recognition for that school year. Interested students should see their guidance counselor to receive the requirements and expectations of JWCCS. All JWCCS are identified and recognized in the spring at a luncheon, while eighth graders are also recognized during class night activities.


Career Activities/8th Grade

Eighth grade students at E. B. Stanley Middle School will visit the Washington County Technical School during the spring of the school year.  The students will learn about various vocational careers by experiencing hands-on exploratory labs.  This visit will be conducted prior to high school scheduling so that students can decide to choose to attend WCTS for one-half day during their Freshman year at AHS.  The college bound students benefit from the visit  by being better prepared to refine their choices and examine how this fits with their objectives.  


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