• All 8th grade students will take English, Math, Science, and World Geography.
  • Yearlong exploratory classes include: Band, Choir, Spanish I and P.E. All of the other Exploratory classes meet for twelve weeks.  P. E. can be taken for either twelve weeks or all year. 
  • Students in the 8th grade do not have P. E. or recess as part of their class schedule; P. E. is an Exploratory in the 8th grade.
  • Spanish I is a high school credit class.
  • 8th Grade Exploratory Descriptions 
  • All 7th grade students will take Civics, English, Math, and Science.
  • Yearlong exploratory classes include: Band and Choir. Choir is also offered as a semester class.  All of the other Exploratory classes meet for nine weeks.
  • Students who wish to take Band must pick either Returning - was in band all year 2020-2021 - or Basic - did not take band in 2020-2021 or dropped band due to COVID-19 difficulties. 
  • 7th Grade Exploratory Descriptions
  • 7th graders are required to have a Tdap as well as a meningococcal conjugate vaccine prior to entry for the 2021-2022 school year.
  • All 6th grade students will take English, Math, Science and U. S. History.
  • All sixth grade students must take Keyboarding and Middle School 101
  • Band meets all year and 6th grade is the only time you can sign up for Band.
  • Choir meets for a semester (half a year).
  • All of the other Exploratory classes meet for nine weeks.
  • Students do not have to take Spanish in order to take Spanish I in the 8th grade.
  • 6th Grade Exploratory Descriptions
  • Additional Information about Band - Band Recruitment Video and Band Letter.
  • Additional Information about Choir - Why Join Chorus?
  • 6th Grade Orientation Presentation


2020-2021 Information - will be updated soon.....

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Student Symptom Check Form - Students need to fill out this form each day before they come to school.  Virtual students do not need to complete this form. 


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