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The following messages have been sent through SchoolMessenger as phone calls, emails, and text messages.  If you are not getting our messages, please login to PublicPortal (also known as Parent Portal) and following the directions on this handout to update your preferences. 
Updates - August 2, 2020
E. B. Stanley Middle School will continue to send out weekly updates.  We are also updating our Frequently Asked Questions page listed under Latest News on our website.
This is for your information.  Verizon is providing LTE Home Internet service.  This is a cellular-based service with no data caps.  If you have good cellular service at home, but no access to broadband internet, you may want to check this out on the Verizon website.
The PowerSchool Public Portal (also known as Parent Portal) is now open for parents and students.  We are checking PowerSchool on a daily basis and updating schedules as needed.  Parents who have never accessed the Public Portal can contact the school to get their access code.
All students can access PowerSchool Public Portal.  In the past, students’ usernames began with a hashtag (#), this has been changed.  All student usernames will now have a dash (-) at the beginning.  The passwords were not changed.  
Parents and students are encouraged to check their student schedule.  If a student wants to take Band or Chorus, and it is not on the schedule, please contact the school.  This year students were assigned to specific groups to minimize interaction as part of COVID 19 safety measures.  This means some may not have gotten their choice for their exploratory classes.  As the year progresses, we will make every effort to ensure students do get their choices.
Teachers will contact students soon (through their school email accounts) to share information concerning their classes.  Teachers are creating introduction videos which are linked under our Faculty and Staff pages.
The first day of school is August 24th.
Chromebook Distribution -  July 27, 2020
E. B. Stanley Middle School will check out Chromebooks to all students this year.  This week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we will check out Chromebooks from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Please come to the main entrance of the school to pick up the Chromebooks.  If you are unable to pick up a Chromebook this week, these can be checked out when school opens on August 10th.    Additionally, each student will need to complete the
Chromebook agreement form and pay the $5.00 user fee.  We will collect these this week or the form and the fee can be brought to school in August.  
We are asking parents to complete the online Registration Form for each EBSMS student.  This is linked under Latest News on the EBSMS website.  We will not have a Registration Day this year or mail home packets.  If you are unable to complete the online Registration Form, please contact the school.  
Our Supply List has been added to the EBSMS website.  This is located on our Documents page under information for registration.
Student schedules have been mailed home.  If your student wanted to take Band or Chorus and it was not on their schedule, please contact the school or email Dr. Austin (raustin@wcs.k12.va.us).  
We have started a Frequently Asked Questions page for this upcoming school year.  This is located under Latest News.  We will continue to add to this page to answer many of the questions you may have.
Your students' teachers will be reaching out to their classes.  Most will contact them using the students WCS email accounts.  Please encourage students to check their WCS email accounts.  Additionally, some teachers have shared some video welcome messages.  These can be found on our Faculty and Staff pages.  We will continue to add more videos as they become available.  


We believe successful schools:
  • understand all students can learn
  • foster effective communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration
  • prepare students for success
  • meet the unique needs of each child
  • are grounded in respect and integrity
  • have a well-defined curriculum and programs that meet or exceed state and national standards
  • provide safe, healthy, and dynamic learning environments
  • have high expectations which inspire high performance
  • enable students to be college and career ready
  • engage and communicate with families


Washington County Schools is committed to the success of every student. We seek to empower all students to meet rigorous academic standards by providing authentic and relevant educational experiences.


Washington County Schools is an innovative leader in education excellence, teaching and learning, creativity, technology integration and global citizenship.

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Students who wish 100% Virtual Learning, please complete this form. If the link is no longer active, call the school to make your request.