Required Immunizations for 7th Grade Students

 Record of the following immunizations must be received before August 2023 for your student to be enrolled in 7th grade.  Your student's schedule will not be released until we have received a record of these required immunizations.  

We recommend completing the immunizations before the end of this school year if possible.  

 These immunizations are:

  • MCV4 (Meningococcal)

  • Tdap Booster

  • HPV (recommended not required)

These immunizations are available at the following locations.

  • Washington County Health Department (276) 676-5604

  • Local Pharmacies (CVS, Target, and Walgreens)

  • Pediatricians and some Primary Care Physicians

Please contact Nurse Robin Smith if you have extenuating circumstances or any questions - 276-739-3308 or Email Nurse Robin Smith.   

Public Portal Information

The Public Portal will allow you to view your child's grades, attendance, teacher comments, and calendars in real-time on our website. It will also allow you to update your contact information. 

You must use the Public Portal to update your information. 
~Log into your account.  Under "Navigation" (on the left side), select "Forms."
~Select "Enrollment".
~Click on each tab and review the information.
****If no changes need to be made or a form does not apply, continue to the next tab until you have reviewed all.  Do not click Submit.
****If you need to make changes or a form needs to be completed, enter the needed information and then click "Submit" at the bottom of the screen.  The information will then be reviewed and updated in PowerSchool.
****If your child has been a student in Washington County Schools in the past, you will not need to upload specific documents such as a birth certificate, proof of residency, etc.  If those are missing from your child's file, we will contact you.

To update your preferences in SchoolMessenger - add email addresses, change phone numbers, etc. - follow the directions on this handoutThis must be done on a computer; not through the phone app. 

New Student to Washington County Schools? 

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